Witch hunt in Val di Genova

This activity is open to all, as the thousands of stories about the Witches of Val Genoa accompany children and their parents while they discover the wonders of the area.

In this beautiful valley there is a stream that collects the water from dozens of large and small waterfalls. Here, children can listen to tales of Belajal (the leader of the Demons) and his faithful Punterol, before gathering together all the natural elements needed to make beautiful souvenir of their adventure for Mum and Dad.

The day of “witch hunt” is usually preceded by a visit to the Geo Park.

Visit the beehives

This activity, carried out in collaboration with the local beekeeper, aims to introduce kids to the extraordinary world of bees. During the workshops, wax is used to help create wonderful objects and a detailed educational lesson on their “social” organisation.

There is also an opportunity to sample the bees’ main product, honey, which the beekeeper offers in small glasses so everyone can taste the different types.

In order to meet the needs of the children, there is nutella honey, called Miel nocciol, and a honey that tastes like pistachio, Miel pistacchio, offering an alternative to the normal snack.

Wonderful walks

Enjoy walks that will allow you to rediscovery nature and encourage children to appreciate the beautiful landscapes of Val Rendena. with the support of park educators who can offer detailed explanations on local flora and fauna, or with Mastro Gufy.

These “trips” are intended to direct the children towards direct contact with nature, collecting stones with special colours and shapes, pine cones or leaves to be used in the workshops that form part of the “Let’s Have Fun with Nature” programme.

Visit to the educational farm

The visit to the educational farm represents an opportunity for direct contact with animals, with their food and the typical smells of rural mountain life.

Kids can watch cows being milked, approach the animals, feed them and satisfy every kind of curiosity.

The visit to the farm also includes the dairy that belongs to the farm, where visitors can sample products such as milk, butter or cheese.