We respect and protect
the environment.

Safe in the knowledge that the best service we can offer our guests is the environment in which we live. We are committed to protecting it every single day. Hotel Bellavista is a member of the Qualità Parco product club, as a result of special protective measures adopted by the management of the hotel.

Hotel Bellavista & Qualità Parco

For some time now, the roof of our big house has been covered with a large number of solar panels that use this fantastic source of energy to heat the water in our showers. The hotel has a 15cm thick outer layer, which helps to prevent unnecessary heat loss. And what about the water flow reducers on the taps that have saved us tens of thousands of cubic metres of water? And the photocells in the bathrooms and corridors that have allowed us to drastically cut electricity consumption?

These are the pillars on which our environmental protection policy is based. We have long embraced the zero-km philosophy in our cuisine, trying to promote and bring in local produce and, above all, enhance our menus with homemade dishes. Some of the foods on our table are sown and cultivated in our ultra-modern greenhouse, always respecting nature’s innate cycle and creating menus that follow its rhythms.

For a greener tourism

  • Daily use of local and homemade products in the restaurant;
  • Solar panels (on almost all the space available on the roof);
  • Computerised heating system (in 100% of the hotel);
  • LED lights fitted in around 90% of the structure;
  • Photocell lights for energy saving;
  • We promote the considerate use of bath towels;
  • Recycling of glass, plastic and paper;
  • Use of certified Ecolabel toilet paper;
  • Using of dispensers for washing dishes.


with hebs and vegetables.

We are very proud of offering our guests a way to recognise the importance
of fresh, genuine and uncontaminated ingredients.

Most of the herbs and vegetables found in the hotel buffet come from the nearby garden, where we collect gathers fresh ingredients for cooking.