To eat

Selected local kilometre zero products cooked according to local tradition.

Cheeses from the dairy, wines from our farms, homemade jams and vegetables from the greenhouse in our garden. We serve dishes made with natural ingredients according to the culinary art typical of Val Rendena. These recipes have survived the test of time, and are still appreciated for their authentic quality.


with hebs and vegetables

We are very proud of offering our guests a way to recognise the
importance of fresh, genuine and uncontaminated ingredients.

Most of the herbs and vegetables found in the hotel buffet come from
the nearby garden, where Giuseppe gathers fresh ingredients for cooking.

Remember to try

“Nonna Amabile” bread gnocchi. These small crunchy loaves are made with a special dough that uses buckwheat. The strudel by “Nonna Virginia” is stuffed with the quince apples from our garden, continuing the traditions of the past today.

bread gnocchi and strudel

Exclusively for the little ones

In addition to the daily option, children can also choose from pasta with fresh tomato or homemade ragù. We particularly recommend the incredible Hulk pasta with “Trentino” pesto, made using basil leaves from our garden.

Incredible Hulk italian pasta

At breakfast

homemade jams and cakes.

We select the best products from Val Rendena just for you, including DOC meats and cheeses, honey and homemade jams, candied fruit, hazelnuts and almonds, dates, figs, plums and apricots, as well as mouthwatering apple pies, typical strudels and homemade carrot pies.