Pastry chefs for an afternoon

See the kids dressed up like mini-chefs with a hat, apron, rolling pin and all kinds of moulds provided by the hotel so they can learn how to knead and bake cookies.

After washing their hands, they will be provided with everything they need and they can get started with the dough and finally the baking.

Then they wait nervously for mum and dad to arrive at the biscuit tasting.

Workshop of fantasy

What do you really need in order to play? Imagination! As such, we named the hotel’s miniclub after this key ingredient of fun, namely “fantasia” in Italian. The Bottega della Fantasia welcomes all children, who are able to give free rein to their creativity in the company of our entertainer.

Baby Dance

Baby Dance & Natural Dance. Already very excited about their holiday at the Bellavista Hotel, when the kids become unstoppable there’s nothing for it but to jump on the dance floor for musical games.

The baby dance evening is part of our well-tested weekly entertainment programme. We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!