For us, fun is a serious business

Hello, I’m Mrs Owl, and I can be found where reality mixes with the imagination.

Fantastical locations, clear and fresh lake waters, verdant valleys and spacious snow-covered highlands will form the backdrop of your holiday. I love colours, sounds and smells, and like you I need to play, run, try new and exciting experiences and meet new friends.
Hotel Bellavista has chosen me for this very reason, and together we can make every family’s dream come true. I will always be there, and I will keep you company during the day, and from excursions to play time, I will be an unforgettable companion for life and leisure. With my fairy tales and my games, the mini club will be transformed into the “Bottega della Fantasia.”

All services
for children

The hotel entertainment service is active from 20/12 to 15/03 and from 20/06 to 10/09 excluding Saturdays. Some of the activities offered may vary depending on the number of participants.

  • Recreational room with games area next to the restaurant dining hall;
  • Entertainment service with Mrs Owl and her “Bottega della Fantasia”;
  • Weekly programme of out-of-town trips to farms, dairy farms, beehives and outdoor workshops, baby dance, magic trick evenings and other forms of entertainment;
  • “Small hands knead” cooking workshops;
  • During the winter, free bobsleigh and toboggan rental while stocks last;

    Bed guardrails, toilet seats, bottle warmers, bath tubs, cots with cotton sheets and wool blanket and anti-suffocation pillows;
    Baby menus, colourful napkins, dedicated cutlery and high chairs at the restaurant;
  • Flexible schedules for children’s meals;
  • Babysitter for an additional fee;
  • Paediatric care on request, for an additional fee;

Baby Time

Family-friendly activities and experiences in the hotel or outdoors