at Hotel Bellavista

Discover everything we have done to ensure the complete safety of our guests at Hotel Bellavista. Our “#safevacation” offers you extensive guarantees from the time you book, during your stay, and until you return home. Here is everything you need to know.

See you soon!
The Valduga Family and all of the staff.

#safevacation services

conditions of stay

We have made the Hotel Bellavista a safe, yet special place.

Services available

✓ hotel restaurant
✓ breakfast service with attended buffet
✓ Bar service
✓ Outdoor play area

The baby club will remain closed to ensure the safety of the children

Service Conditions

→ Shared bathrooms treated with a sterilising UV lamp

→ Lift: to be used by 1 person at a time (excluding members of the same household)

→ Buffet breakfast with table service

→ The salad and bread buffet will be served at the table

Safely indulge

your desire for a holiday.

To offer the maximum assurance to Hotel Bellavista’s guests, we have prepared an ultra-flexible rate with cancellation up to 24 hours, and a 5% discount off our insured prepaid rate.

Be Safe Rate

book and travel with complete peace of mind

The rate featuring a 4% discount is available via our booking system. (prepaid rate)

Protection against unforeseen circumstances that occur any time after booking. Be Safe offers coverage in case of cancellation, medical expenses and medication during your stay, luggage theft, cash advance, roadside assistance, forced stay expense coverage and more.

View the brief presentation
View the document with the insurance coverage details

Free cancellation

up to 24 hours before arrival without a deposit

The rate featuring an 8% discount that is already applied is available via our booking system.

Best online rate with an 8% discount compared to any other booking site (Booking.com, Expedia, etc.). Only here you can book without a deposit and find the best cancellation policies. In some periods you can cancel your reservation for free up to 24 hours from the arrival date.

Family Room

triple and quadruple rooms from 19 to 21 sqm.

Double Rooms

with double bed or single twin beds, from 14 to 17 sqm.

Single Rooms

Classic or French from 8 to 10 sqm.

Safe Vacation

We are ready to accommodate you in our guestrooms featuring balconies overlooking the Dolomites and offer you hospitality on the cosy terrace or in the park-garden with a children’s play area.

Colour your holiday green in the expansive space and the uncontaminated nature of Trentino.

Now more than ever, it is the ideal destination for your next holiday.

#safevacation offers

Special measures

for the safety of our guests

The highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness

Disinfectant dispensers located in all common areas and at every lift entrance/exit
Plexiglas panel at the reception
UV lamps in the shared bathrooms and in the lift
Sanitising mats at the entrance
Temperature check for guests upon arrival
Temperature check for all staff before commencing their shift
All the staff have undergone suitable training

Check-in | Check-out and reception

Reception: 7 am- 11 pm
Caretaker always present in the Hotel
Payment: via credit card or cash (which undergoes sanitisation).
Payment required the day before departure.


Daily room cleaning
Personnel equipped with FFP3 masks, gloves, hair protection caps, Plexiglas visor, and cotton aprons sanitised daily at a temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.
Dirty laundry is placed in bags and washed at temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius with a sanitising product. It is then ironed within the Hotel with a self-drying mangle at a temperature of 120-130 degrees Celsius.Cleaners use a compressor to spray an alcohol-based sanitising dry vapour which is left to take effect for 10 minutes. Subsequently, all of the furniture is sanitised with a bleach-based product (disposable non-woven cloths are used).
Spare blankets and pillows are sanitised at each guest changeover and stored in disposable bags.
Towels changed daily
Sheets changed every 3 days and, in any case, at every guest changeover.

Special devices and accessories for common areas

View the document for details on accessories and special devices installed to ensure maximum safety in the common areas.

Decontamination mats and UV sterilisation.

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Whatsapp service

A dedicated Whatsapp number is active to facilitate a simple exchange of communications.

Whatsapp chat

To request a quote, please write to info@bellavistanet.com or call (+39)0465501164