Dolomites Natural Wellness Summer

The holiday is increasingly the time to dedicate to yourself,
 your well-being and your health

Dolomiti Natural Wellness Summer 2024


Experience nature with all your senses! Immerse yourself and regenerate in the nature of the Dolomites.
Treat yourself to a detox holiday, and discover a new form of well-being in the majestic nature of the Adamello-Brenta Nature Park. Following this inspiration, we invite you to discover and experience well-being in nature through 6 “elements” or fundamental practices, along paths specially designed for this experience, you will be guided by passionate and competent people, fully-fledged wellness trainers, and experts in specific practices such as barefoot walking or yoga, and other activities, all united by a holistic vision of the person and the environment.

Bookable at the hotel at our reception. There is a charge of € 5.00 per participant at the time of confirmation. 

To take part in the paths of the Dolomites Natural Wellness you do not need a specific knowledge of the practices offered or a particular athletic training: they lend themselves perfectly to this activity as they are simple tracks, without steep slopes and without difficult sections. Everyone is invited to participate; for those who are at the beginning of their experience, we would like to point out some suggestions:

  • Breathe as widely and deeply as possible, and in tune with your movements and your steps if you are walking; fill up with pure air to transform it into long-term health!
  • Always walk according to your own walking rhythm; if you experience tired muscles and an altered heart rate, do not worry: stop for a few minutes, slow down your heartbeat and then gradually start again.
  • Stay silent whenever you can, to fully enjoy the sensations of your body and be able to listen to the emotions awakened by immersion in nature.
  • Listen to the sounds of the woods, from the closest ones to the ones that are farthest away, the sound of your steps and… the beat of your heart!

Observe: have you ever noticed how many shades of green can exist? How many shapes and heights trees can have? How clear the horizon is in the clear mountain air, and in the morning light?

Dolomites Natural Wellness Summer
From 8 June to 29 September 2024