Dolomiti Natural Wellness

from December to April 2024
A holiday is more and more a moment to devote to yourself,
to your well-being and to your health.

Move, breathe, listen, meditate with Nature!

from December 2023 to April 2024.
3 appointments per week 

Easy excursions with expert guides into pristine environments, where you might enjoy the silence of winter, the artistic forms of nature, the beauty of cold and the hidden life among trees.

Paid service, free activities for guests of the Hotel Bellavita that can be booked at our reception.

Limited places and reservations required by 18.00 pm on the day before the scheduled activity.

Scheduled excursions:

Val Brenta (S. Antonio di Mavignola)


Castegneto (Carisolo)


Nambino (Madonna di Campiglio)


To follow the paths of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness you do not need any specific knowledge of the proposed disciplines or particular athletic training. Everyone is invited to participate. For those who are beginners, however, we offer some suggestions:

  • Breathe ias fully and deeply as possible, and in tune with your movements and steps if you are walking; fill up on fresh air to turn it into long-term health!
  • Always walk at your walking pace; if your muscles feel tired and your heart rate is altered, don’t worry: stop for a few minutes, let your heart rate slow down and then gradually start again.
  • Keep silent whenever you can to fully enjoy the sensations of your body and to be able to listen to the emotions aroused by immersion in Nature.
  • Listen to the sounds of the woods, from those closest to those furthest away, the soundof your footsteps and… the beat of your heart!
  • Note : have you ever noticed how many shades of green there are? How different the trees are in shape and height? How clear the horizon is in the clean mountain air, and in the morning light?