Dolomiti Natural Wellness

A holiday is more and more a moment to devote to yourself,
to your well-being and to your health.

Move, breathe, listen, meditate with Nature!
Immerse and recharge yourself in the nature of the Dolomites. Give yourself the gift of a detox holiday, discover a new form of wellness in the Adamello Brenta Nature Park – Trentino.

Following this inspiration, Dolomiti Natural Wellness invites you to discover and experience wellness in Nature through 6 “elements” or fundamental practices, along 8 routes specially designed for this experience. Passionate and competent people will guide you, real Wellness Trainers, and experts in specific practices such as Barefoot Walking or Yoga, and other activities all united by a holistic vision of the person and the environment.


4 and 5 June, every day from 11 June to 25 September, every weekend in October.

Free activities for our guests
bookable at the hotel’s reception


5 elements, 8 paths, from barefoot to yoga.
Some tips for the summer excursion:

  • Bring a small towel with you. It will be useful in particular when practicing Natural Kneipp and Barefoot Walking.
  • For Barefoot Walking it is also useful to have a small bag to store your shoes in during the walk.
  • In your lunch pack, bring light food, possibly from our region.
  • If possible, do not bring your mobile phone with you, or turn it off: enjoy the deep contact with nature, stay focused on the present and listen to your breathing!


Short forays into pristine environments where you can savor the silence of winter, the artistic forms of nature, the beauty of the cold and the life that hides among the trees.

Some practical advice for winter:

  • Wear high, comfortable boots to avoid getting your feet wet or cold. Wear woolen socks, they will help keep your feet warm.
  • Dress in layers, wear warm and comfortable clothing.
  • Bring warm gloves with you.
  • Choose to wear a cap, much of the heat given off by the body escapes from the head, so wearing a hat will help you keep it.

To follow the paths of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness you do not need any specific knowledge of the proposed disciplines or particular athletic training. Everyone is invited to participate. For those who are beginners, however, we offer some suggestions:

  • Breathe as fully and deeply as possible, and in tune with your movements and steps if you are walking; fill up on fresh air to turn it into long-term health!
  • Always walk at your walking pace; if your muscles feel tired and your heart rate is altered, don’t worry: stop for a few minutes, let your heart rate slow down and then gradually start again.
  • Keep silent whenever you can to fully enjoy the sensations of your body and to be able to listen to the emotions aroused by immersion in Nature.
  • Listen to the sounds of the woods, from those closest to those furthest away, the soundof your footsteps and… the beat of your heart!
  • Note: have you ever noticed how many shades of green there are? How different the trees are in shape and height? How clear the horizon is in the clean mountain air, and in the morning light?

Discover the 8 routes
of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness

There are 8 itineraries in which the Elements of the Dolomiti Natural Wellness program have arisen spontaneously in this area. They have been specially marked so that you can try them all! Within each itinerary, you can practice the specific Natural Wellness activities best suited to experiencing the natural Elements.

Try them all – yogameditationbreathing techniquessun salutations – either as part of an organized weekly program of activities or on your own with the help of explanatory information boards.


The Pineta di Pinzolo is the starting point dedicated to family. Activity suitable for families,
where all the family can enjoy health and wellness together. It includes a soft walk with a holistic approach to the wellbeing.
Natural Wellness Elements: Natural Kneipp; Bare Feet Trail; Tree Hugging.


Carisolo – S. Stefano Chuch – Castagneto – Carisolo
This itinerary features holistic practices and hikes that include some uphill sections. The highlight of this itinerary is Castagneto (chestnut woods), a wooded area dense with chestnut trees, meadows, and aromas that stimulate a profound contact with nature. Natural Wellness Elements: Silence Room–Inner Silence; Silence Room–Breathing.


Pinzolo Pineta – Caderzone Terme – Pinzolo Pineta
A path through the farms of the village of Caderzone. Suitable for all those who want to try a track that alternates an almost reserved flat walk with some olisitic wellness activities. If you want to enrich your experience, we advise you to stop at the Thermal center.
Natural Wellness Elements: Barefeet Trail; Tree Hugging; Silence Room-Breathing; Natural Kneipp.

4. DOLOMITI NATURAL WALKING (Pinzolo-Caderzone Terme)

Pinzolo Pineta – Crosetta Park – Pinzolo Pineta
The goal of this 8 km (5 mi) itinerary is to help get sedentary and overweight people more active on a flat hike featuring breathing and other stages dedicated to gymn exercises. Movement is nature’s medicine!

Natural Wellness Elements: Natural Walking.


Rifugio Nambrone – Canavaccia Trail – Rifugio Nambrone
Val Nambrone, wild and rich of Water is the natural site for the Natural Wellness Eements, find all out in this itinerary!
Elements featured: Natural Kneipp; Barefeet Trail; Silence Room-Inner Silence; Silence Room- Sun Salutation; Tree Hugging.


Cascata di Mezzo – Malga Fratte – Malga Brenta Bassa – Cascata di Mezzo
An itinerary that takes us from the pleasant sounds of the Vallesinella falls to the intimate silence of Malga Brenta Bassa.
Natural Wellness Elements: Bare Feet Trail; Tree Hugging; Natural Kneipp; Silence Room–Breathing; Silence Room-Inner Silence; Silence Room–Sun Salutation.


Pra de la Casa – Pra de Mez – Malga Fratte – Malga Brenta Bassa – Sentiero della Forra – Pra de Mez
Val Brenta, the perfect place for Sun Salutations and the search for harmony with nature.
Natural Wellness Elements: Silence Room-Breathing, Silence Room-Inner Silence; Silence Room-Sun salutation; Natual Kenipp; Barefeet Trail; Tree Hugging.


Madonna di Campiglio – Piana di Nambino
It’s a family friendly trail where all the family can enjoy health and wellness together. It includes a soft walk with a holistic approach to the wellbeing.
Natural Wellness Elements:
 Natural Kneipp; Bare Feet Trail; Tree Hugging.

Consigli utili per una mente sana in un corpo sano

Walk as often as you can, even in the rain!
Discover the benefits of this incredible experience:

  • Free from anxiety: the sound of the rain induces a sensation of diffused relaxation.
  • It is beneficial for those suffering from stress disorders: it gives peace and tranquility.
  • Walking or running in water helps to increase antibodies.
  • The resulting moisture has a strong hydrating power for skin and hair.
  • It speeds up the metabolism and promotes weight loss.
  • It increases the physical efficiency and responsiveness of your body.
  • It allows you to be alone, minimising the chances of finding large crowds on the paths.
  • It puts you in a good mood: the smell of rain makes you happy!
  • It reduces the aggravation of allergies: rain washes pollen away.
  • It cleans the air: rain reduces air pollution.
  • Rain is a natural chromotherapy: it accentuates green and makes it more luxuriant.
  • It increases the sensation of refreshment.

Appreciate the environment around you, explore it with all your senses: sight, to admire the colors of nature; hearing, to listen to birds singing or the sound of raindrops; smell, to enjoy the fragrance of the trees; touch, to caress the damp earth, the wet meadow, the rough bark.

…we wait you, Famiglia Valduga.